Special Use Fee Sun City Roseville


Sun City, Roseville

Special Use Fee Summary:

Effective 2/1/2020,  all escrows closing after 2/1/2020 will be subject to a Special Use Fee of $3,500.00, up from the current $1,500 fee. Each new homeowner will be required to pay the Special Use Fee of $1,500.00 in order to obtain an Activity Card which enables residents to use Association Facilities, enjoy Association planned activities, join Association Clubs or Groups and take advantage of the resident rates for Golf. Should the homeowner choose to decline to pay the Special Use Fee they will be asked to initial a document during the registration process acknowledging they have willingly chosen to forego the Association amenities as noted above. This will stay in effect for themselves and any current or future tenants residing at that property until such time the property is sold or the Special Use Fee is paid. Declining the Special Use Fee does not exclude owners from paying the quarterly assessments. Declining to pay the Special Use Fee shall not prohibit owners from attending open meetings of the Board and Committee's or impedes their right to vote In all elections pertaining to Association business.Without payment of the Special Use Fee, Association Amenities shall be restricted and limited to the Items noted below:

Participation in Association sponsored events which do not require tickets.

Utilization of Common Area Facilities which do not require an Activity Cardsuch as; Public areas of the Timber Creek Lodge and Sierra Pines, Timbers at the Lodge Restaurant and Sierra Pines Deli. Use of the Timber Creek Golf Course or Sierra Pines at the non-resident rate.