Hear what our customers have to say:

Don Schlaegel

Jeanne M. November 2019

Don and Martin Schlaegel were a great team in selling our Mother's home. They guided us through the process and were very responsive to our needs and questions. Both are extremely knowledgeable about the Sun City market. With their efforts, we had an offer in 2 days and closed in about 3 weeks. 

Kyle V. July 2019

We worked with Don in a very competitive market. He was constantly on the look out for homes that would suit our needs and in our price range. Often, we were the first people to look at a new home the moment it came on the market. He made the negotiation and contract portion of the buying process clear and easy to understand. Once we were in contract, Don was on top of everything. He took care of all inspections, setting appointments, and being onsite for each and every one. During escrow, we needed to access the property with contractors on numerous occasions and Don was always available to let us on the property and answer questions as needed. We could not have asked for a more competent, responsive, and knowledgeable agent. We highly recommend Don and give him a score of 10+ 

 Stephanie M. June 2019 

First let me say that this was my first experience selling a house. Before my father passed away, he had given me the Schlaegel's contact information, telling me that he had had a stellar experience five years earlier, selling a second house in the area. Secondly, it is important to understand that I was in a hurry to sell and, to return home to Italy where I live. It was also Christmas time. All of these things made Don's job more challenging. Finally, as I had no interest in keeping anything in the house, Don helped me pack everything and dispose of it in an ecologically and socially responsible and timely manner. From the moment I called on November 25th, we went into sell mode. The house was on the market by the 29th. There were several open houses-a few offers-and by the time I was home in Italy, on January 10th, the house was in escrow. The staff was available whenever I had questions. They organized my visits to the Title company, researched my final signing overseas for me (I had to go to the US Consulate in Florence) as well as kept me posted on fees, timetables, inspections and negotiations. I will always be grateful that my father organized things for me before his death-he took care of me in every way possible and I will always be grateful to Don for taking care of me as well. 

Ron B. March 2019

Don assisted my wife and I with the sale of our home in Sun City Roseville, as well as the purchase of our new home on the golf course. Don went above and beyond our expectations with both of our transactions. He made the enormous task of listing, buying, selling, and closing easy to understand and simple. Very professional and he has a wealth of knowledge. If you need an agent, call Don Schlaegel, you'll be glad you did. Thanks again Don for everything..  

Kim A. February 2019

We were searching for a particular model and location and spoke to many realtors about what we wanted. Don was the only one who followed up with us once he located the type of property we wanted. The house was perfect and we proceeded with the purchase immediately. Don assisted us through the entire process with ease. He is a low pressure, very knowledgeable professional. We enjoyed working with him.  

Dan S. January 2019

We had a great buying experience with Don's expertise. Don was helpful in the process of searching for a home. He is knowledgeable, communicative and honest. We appreciated his helpfulness with the entire process. We would definitely recommend Don Schlaegel!  

 Linda H October 2018

My husband and I met Don the first day we toured Sun City. He was holding an open house and was friendly and informative. I told him the most important item on my wish list and true to his word he called a week later with a home on the Nature Preserve. We decided almost immediately the location was just right and that the house itself coul easily be remodeled. We made an offer, entered Escrow and closed within five weeks. He always returned phone calls promptly, gave honest responses and recommended reliable contractors. He was an excellent choice!  

Gary and Doris F.  June 2018

Don’s knowledge and helpfulness throughout the home buying process helped us to select the right home and a smooth transition.  Even after our home purchase, Don gave us names of contractors who would help us enhance our home even more. 



Dear Martin,  

Thank you Martin and Don for being the best realtors in Sun City.

Ann D.

Without your outstanding help and support, this closing would still be a month or two in the future. Charline and I greatly appreciate your willingness to accept Lynn’s invitation to join in and help accomplish this massive clean out project. Please know you have our most grateful thanks and appreciation for an outstanding effort.

Wen and Charline

Manny and I want to let you know how thrilled we are with our home here in Sun City.  We have been here over a year and can't get enough of the house and the view. Not only did you do a good job in helping us purchase this house, you also have been available to help us get adjusted to our new environment and house. You were most helpful in finding us an additional loan so that we could purchase this house while still trying to sell our home in Southern California. It is obvious that you are a respected member of this community and thought of as an honest and trusting neighbor.  You are always ready to help when needed.  God bless you. We will continue to recommend you to our friends when and if they are looking for a home here in Sun City. Your very satisfied customers, Lila and Manny Hayes.

To Whom it May Concern,  My wife, Dori, and I had lived in Lafayette, CA for 24 years, but last August we decided it was time to move. After spending two days at Sun City Lincoln Hills, we were fortunate to have some of our friends living at Sun City Roseville recommend Martin Schlaegel as a Realtor® who had been of great help to them. Martin was everything they said he was, possessing all of the attributes one would want in a Realtor®.  A most confident individual with a reputation as an informed, easy to work with kind of person. After we had met with him and outlined exactly what we were looking for, it was only a short time later that he began to show us around the area. We were impressed with his electivity as we visited several homes containing all of the features we had outlined for him. It did not turn out to be a long drawn out process that one might expect in such a situation.  He had done a perfect job for us.  We bought the home we now occupy.  He handled every aspect of the purchase in a professional manner.  We're very happy in our new home, thanks to Martin.  We would recommend him without reservation. Don Defenbaugh

Dear Martin,  You are by far the best Realtor® I have worked with.  From the moment of our first meeting and your commentary on each of the homes you showed to us, I became convinced that you were treating us to a real professional orientation, All steps from deposit to closing and especially your follow-ups top any other Realtors'® performance in my experience. Your name is the only name I mention to my friends.  You are just the best. Harold Buffa

To Whom It May Concern,  In February of last year, Ann and I decided that we would like to move from our current house on School House Lane to a larger home here in Sun City.  Three different friends recommended that we use Martin Schlaegel as our agent. Martin put our School House property up for sale and helped us find our new home.  His reassuring style kept us calm during the stress of the sale and the purchase.  We felt his advice on both transactions was sound and we were pleased with the selling price and the buy price. We would not hesitate to recommend Martin to any of our friends.Sincerely,

John DeSantis

Dear Martin, The sale of our home is now completed, and we have had time to review the process. We want you to know how we feel about your efforts. We interviewed four Realtors before employing you. The first three arrived at our home in their shiny new cars, dressed as if they were going out on a date. You arrived in a pickup and shorts and looked as though you we e ready to go to work. This impressed us, so we hired you.As you well know, our house sale didn’t go smoothly. We had repairs, and inspections, all of which you managed for us. Your network of contractors did good work for reasonable prices. We had to vacate the property long before it sold, and you took care of clearing the house of furniture and cleaning it. Throughout the three month period that it took to sell the house you held Open Houses. You were always available by phone or E-mail, and you kept us updated as to what was happening. In the end you got us a good offer from a qualified buyer, and we got the price we wanted. We wish you well in your future endeavors. Sincerely, Wilbur and Isabel